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Our Process

  • 1. Identify

    515 Group Designers begin by identifying and illuminating the need for professional design using concepts that appeal to human emotions, and generate logical information. Design is a process of exploring need, want, desire, motivation, demographics and expectations. Positioning the product properly with elements that identify the parameters to the target audience is critical. Working with our clients as a team, 515 Group Designers identify the method, objectives, history, competition, timing and budget. Upon agreement of the design plan, we progress, keeping in mind the following questions: Who is the buyer? What do they need? When do they buy? Where are they shopping? How do they decide? Why do they care?

  • 2. Discover

    This is the stage for ideas. Our team works with our clients to glean expertise and knowledge about the product, audience, trends, placement, pricing, etc. Discovery of existing knowledge and sharing ideas to influence designs directs creative efforts. Initial compositions are developed and shared for input and direction. Deliverables in this stage may include brand strategies, communication concepts, production processes and systems.

  • 3. Create

    Collaboration and decisions allow the next phase to unfold as our teams work together to craft the final solution through a variety of processes. At this time complex communication takes over as a network of creative, construction, production and distribution decisions are finalized into a streamline operation for start to finish product marketing.

  • 4. Produce

    Final art and production, agency approval, programming, printing, fabrication, assembly, training, promotion and distribution are completed. Design standards are developed and distributed for consistent utilization in all markets and departments.

  • 5. Propel

    Preparation and execution of a comprehensive communications support for every product launched is vital to its success. 5 Fifteen Designers are proficient in translating exceptional package design to advertising and public relations to propel your product into the marketplace.

  • 6. Sustain

    We want to see your product succeed after it is propelled. It is necessary to examine the product’s success and keep playing off of what works. Advertising, print, signage and environment all need to be sending unified messages. We’ll bring it into existence and keep it where it needs to be for you.